What do we do?

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity goes beyond its regular mission of supporting medicine in Poland, organizing the annual public fundraiser (the so-called “Grand Finale”), and holding seven national medical actions and programmes and one educational programme. Our Foundation engages in different humanitarian initiatives in response to natural disasters (e.g. “Stop Floods!”), humanitarian crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border, pandemic (fight against the COVID-19), war (support for Ukraine), or social initiatives (e.g. making a stand against child abuse – “Teddy Bear's Tale”, standing against hate together “No Hate, Just Rock!”).  

Visit https://en.wosp.org.pl/ for all details about GOCC!

Why do we do it in Ireland?

The strong community spirit of Irish people keeps us on our toes! We seem to be so much alike through love towards hard work and helping others, we simply can't resist doing charity.

Many Poles (if not all of them) have some sort of connection with the GOCC. The charity exists since 1993 and many of us grew up in the spirit of building a strong community spirit trough GOCC after turbulent history of our homeland.

The connection grew stronger each year, when more and more medical support has been provided to Polish hospitals, improving the wellbeing of the nation. Our children (quite a few of us now adult parents ourselves), parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and foes (!) received help thanks to the provided equipment purchased entirely from the public's donations.

We have been operating in Ireland since 2006, mobilizing Poles from all environments, teachers, students, businesses, private persons, moms and dads, kids and friends growing stronger year to year.

We are united all over the World!

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity unites Poles from all over the world, i.e. Europe, South and North Americas, Asia, Australia and Oceania and even Arctic! We're positive we'll reach Africa at some point as well ;-)

Our Dublin Team in 2024

Marlena and Kris with Jurek Owsiak

Kris and Marlena with Ania ''Loki" - chief of the foreign staff

Our Dublin Team

Marlena Skromniuk


Marta Kałuzińska


Maciek Gawliński


Łucja Witkowska


Paulina Chrzanowska

Event Coordinator

Ola Kicza

Stage Manager

Marcin Wilk


Marzena Panfil

Schools and RUR

Patryk Rosiak

Event Coordinator

Wioletta Lachowicz


Bart Zbieg

Support for Ukraine

Emilia Wawrzyniak 

Allegro, Auctions

Kris Blaszczyk 


Balbriggan Team

Małgorzata Orłowska-Smith

Main Organiser

Sylwia Polasińska-Singh

Main Organiser

Monika Kołat

Main Organiser

Magdalena Brykała

Event Coordinator

Dorota Szmit

Event Coordinator

Małgorzata Śliwa

Event Coordinator

Anna Białożyńska

Event Coordinator

Joanna Bednarska

Event Coordinator

Andrzej Wrodarczyk

Event Coordinator

Magdalena Laszczyk

Event Coordinator

Katarzyna Kozak 

Kids Corner

Carlow Team

Artur Borowiec

Main Organiser

Klaudia Bokowy

Main Organiser

Sebastian Kania

Main Organiser

Portlaoise Team

Honorata Puśdelnik

Main Organiser

Anna Ananko

Main Organiser

Tomasz Gronowski

Main Organiser

Tomasz Fira

Main Organiser