Each of us has already participated in the finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland, and not only, although the weather did not spoil us. Whether it's snow or rain, a gale or a blizzard. We took part in volunteering in our cities, and since 2006 we have been operating in Ireland, and here the weather can be quite hard.

We operate primarily on the basis of associating Polish diaspora from Dublin and the surrounding area, organizing students and teachers from local Polish schools, not only in the field of family picnics, but also organizing numerous events to raise money for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. For three years we have been successfully associating organizations and communities of the Polish diaspora from all over Ireland.

We also accept applications from individuals interested in volunteering - we believe that in this way we will increase the number of people willing to help by having fun together. Every year we associate about 130 of them!

We do everything we can to make the people who are volunteers under our wings feel safe - all this to make each day of events until the GOCC Final even more fun each time!

And by the way, we are a group of people, from various circles, who are familiar with the willingness to help another person, especially when he is still such a small man that he cannot thank us. Many of us meet every year in this unique event on a global scale and we are really happy in our dedication.

Thanks to the commitment and generosity of our irreplaceable Irish Polish community, we managed to collect € 443.825.07 from the very beginning of the game, which is almost PLN 2 million. And we will not stop there.

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